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Personalized Gift Ideas For Kids Who Love Sports

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When you have a kid who loves sports, there are a variety of gifts that can be personalized. This takes a simple gift and goes one step further by truly making it all their own.

Custom Jersey

This is a popular gift idea for any kid that loves football or basketball. Jerseys of professional players often have the player's last name printed on the back, so why not do the same thing for your kid? You can either print it with their favorite player on the back, or get one printed with his last name. The latter is ideal for kids who want to grow up to be a professional football or basketball player. They can wear the jersey or display it proudly on their wall.

Basketball Hoop Laundry Shoot

A fun gift that many stores sell is a laundry shoot that hangs on the wall as a basketball hoop. Your child can throw their laundry away by "shooting a basket" which makes it more fun and encourages them to pick up their clothes off the floor. Another bonus is that the hoop part can be customized, whether by professionally printing their name, or by painting it yourself. This is an excellent addition to your child's bedroom.

Sports Trophy

Sports trophy shops carry a wide range of trophies to choose from, and not just ones they engrave with the names of actual players in teams. If you have a child that longs to play baseball, but hasn't actually played a game yet, you can get them a fantasy trophy. For baseball, choose a trophy of a player with a ball in his hand, or a big baseball mitt trophy. You can print his name on it and go one step further by engraving it with a short message. They can display it proudly among their other sports memorabilia.

Monographed Duffle Bag

For the kid that participates in school sports, they probably use a duffle bag to bring their clothes to school or to the big game. A duffle bag is the perfect option, especially when it is personalized with your kid's initials in a monogram style or with their first or last name. There are also other similar items that can be monogrammed, from a jacket they wear to nighttime ball games, to a blanket they use at home with their name and the logo of their favorite team. These are easy and fun gifts to have made.

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